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Top 10 Security Tips to keep your device safe and secure

The Internet is an amazing place, but just like with any public space, people must use caution when they’re visiting in order to stay safe. Cyber criminals lurk around every corner, just waiting to find an opening to steal information, vandalize a computer,…

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How Vulnerable Is Your Computer?

From the moment you plug in a computer for the very first time  to the second it’s properly decommissioned from use, that machine and the data it stores are vulnerable to attack. Viruses, hackers, spyware, social engineering ploys and other threats are just…

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How to speed up a slow computer?

Viruses, bloatware and your settings can all cause your computer to run slowly. Read on to find out how to make your computer faster. There aren’t many more frustrating things than a slow computer. Spending minutes at a time waiting for your laptop…

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How do you get to know if your Computer has a virus?

Computer viruses and malware can cripple a machine at their very worst. But even if your PC hasn’t gone into total meltdown, it’s perfectly possible that a virus is on your system and causing less dramatic disruptions. The question is, how can you…

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How often do you have to update your antivirus software?

Antivirus software is essential for keeping your PC running safely. But how often should you update your antivirus software, and how often should you run a scan? Let’s face it – more often than not, updates are a pain. They can slow your…

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​Why is cleaning up your computer important?

People use computer

February 13th is National Clean out Your Computer day, and there’s good reason behind it. When you “clean” your computer, you don’t just dust off the keyboard and wipe fingerprints from the screen. You also pay attention to the state of the hard…

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What is a Computer Virus? How can I protect my Computer?

What is a Computer Virus

Norton Com Setup | If you are on a computer, you undoubtedly heard a lot about computer viruses as obvious of a concept that a computer virus is, there are a lot of misconceptions about them. In order to avoid the problems…

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History of computer virus, How computer virus came into existence

History of Computer Virus

When it comes to computing, we can all express our frustration at technical and competence be it software or hardware related bugs and glitches and things like that, but there is no doubt about it the nastiest most infuriating aspect of computing is…

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